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Are you looking for an intimate Bible study? Faith and the S.T.O.P. Principle features twelve weeks of soul-searching biblically based material to equip you with four spiritual tools to use in your daily walk with the Lord.

Today is the day of change in your life!  Quite an affirmation, isn’t it? Maybe I should have started out with it could jan 1, 1970 – excellent quality meds (prednisone online) for everyone, whether can i buy generic prednisone online no prescription needed in uk  be a day where peace replaces all of your anxieties, worries and fear. Peace with God through Christ, and all you have to do is personally make up your heart and mind!

Now we’re on to something. Hello, and a warm welcome to my Web site featuring my first book, Faith and the S.T.O.P. Principle.  The title is a bit long and even longer when you get to the subtitle; Learning to Surrender, Trust, Obey, and Patiently Wait Upon the Lord. Further explanation is always required when you use an acronym!

I believe there is also further explanation required in how to have a mutual loving, and meaningful relationship with the Lord.  Relating to Jesus doesn’t happen by chance.  It is a personal decision to either put Him at the center of all things or to continue depending on self.  That’s where Faith and the S.T.O.P. Principle comes to light.

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Consider dedicating twelve weeks to reading the contents of this Bible study.   Throughout each chapter you will be asked to get on your knees in prayer before the Lord, to get to the truth of His Word, and be honest about how you’re living out each day. Also consider asking someone else or a group of friends to join you in this journey of discovering who you are in Christ.  You will purchase discount medication! buy dapoxetine india. fastest shipping, generic levitra with dapoxetine . soon learn that it is very good to be in one another’s company, but I don’t want to give too much away!

S.T.O.P. in all things.  Then you will start noticing the Lord’s blessing of peace, joy, and contentment.  You have God’s the problem of being overweight is bad for health but excellent for business buy fluoxetine over the counter discount prices. dieting has become a uniquely  Word!



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